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By purchasing the lease for this instrumental, you are granted the non-exclusive use of this instrumental for your project. The copyright and publishing for this instrumental remains the property of Grim Reality Entertainment & Insane Hustler Music Publishing (ASCAP).

Upon purchase of this lease, you may sell musical works containing all or part of this instrumental incorporated with your vocals to create a song which you may sell, stream or give away for free.

Music works containing this instrumental which are registered with a publishing rights society (ASCAP, BMI, etc.) must give 25% writer royalties to the composer of this instrumental (please inquire for the proper writer credit), and 25% publisher royalties to Insane Hustler Music Publishing (ASCAP).

This lease DOES NOT GRANT YOU THE ABILITY TO RE-SELL OR DISTRIBUTE THIS INSTRUMENTAL IN IT'S ORIGINAL FORM. Vocals in some form or fashion must be added to this instrumental to create a new original work before it can be sold, streamed, or redistributed by the lease purchaser.

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