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Although we aren't signing any new artists currently, we are always scouting new talent for the future. Outlined below are some traits we are looking for in a new artist on the label.  No one trait is more important than the other, as we do take into consideration all aspects of what an artist can bring to the label. 

1. The artist already has some music released previously that is available on major streaming services; 

2. The artist has the ability and means to record their own vocals (in a quality home studio or a quality studio available to them); 

3.  The artist is not currently affiliated and/or signed to another label, production company or distribution deal that would cause a conflict of interest; 

4. The artist is actively performing live shows, locally and in other states, or has the ability to; 

5. The artist is active on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.); and

6. The artist can work in a team setting and wants to actively collaborate with other artists on the label. 



GRE works in a partnership with its artists. Meaning, we invest together and we profit share together. Artists must be willing to invest in themselves for GRE to invest in the artist.  Aside from helping financially, GRE also helps provide production, mixing, mastering, merchandise design, flyer design and other general art design, placement on shows, and can help with placement on tours. 

Many people or businesses that claim to be record labels are really just distribution labels or middle men to deliver your album to a distribution service (CDbaby, Tunecore, Distrokid), without actually providing any service to the artist.  They request the artist turn in completed songs/albums, artwork, etc., and they just pass your music to Distrokid or CDbaby and then collect half or more of your money.  What did they do to help create your project? ...Exactly! 

In full transparency, if you are a fully self-sufficient artist, who creates all your own music, art, promotion, merch, etc., there is really nothing GRE can provide you that you can't do yourself. 

What we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT is someone attempting to join the label who is already affiliated with other crews or labels that take precedent over GRE.  We don't want artists who attempt to join multiple crews/labels, etc., in a selfish attempt to get push and promotion from all of those different labels and crews at the same time. 

What we DO WANT are hard working, somewhat self-sufficient, go-getters who want to be on a team of like-minded artists.  Moreover, we want  artists that are humble; friendly; appreciative and respectful of their fans, show attendees and music contemporaries. 

If you have read this far and are still interested in possibly joining our team of artists, please send a demo/press kit and one-sheet to: