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MC Val - "The Dead Are Not Forgotten" Official Video

Grim Reality Entertainment presents the video single "The Dead Are Not Forgotten" by MC Val, from her forthcoming album, Horrors Of War.

Video directed by Alexander Fedoseyev Published under Insane Hustler Music Publishing (ASCAP)

© 2016 Grim Reality Entertainment, LLC

Lyrics translated to English 

"This is where cute kittens become unruly beasts

They’re cutting our throats, the mines are full of corpses

Shades of crimson blood on the ground, ain’t this real stylish

Donbass has always been the birthplace of brute power

They don’t let no dirty dog stomp on these grounds for long

They only kneel on the ground at the moment of death

Lest their blood is scattered for naught by the wind

Ask the youth of Krasnodon how they resisted the Germans

Who packed entire families into deep mine shafts In this devilish abyss lie tens of thousands of human destinies

Their bodies are stuck together like one giant rotting chunk of meat

Leaving the scars on the body of Donbass

Puncturing like needles into crooked faces

Their gaze follows you straight from the grave

Do you hear the whaling of kids impaled on pitchforks

You can choose to walk past it, but the dead have not forgotten

I am not afraid to stare the murderer in his face

Mother, they are dragging us to the town’s hanging post

The rest have been tossed deep down into the bore pit

Followed by a minecart to silence the lasting rumble

I refuse to think that we all have died in vain

And if the noose is meant for me, then I will take the noose

Mother Our destinies resemble a dramatic movie

Except at the end we’re not buried in a grave I promise that that these bastards will shortly pay the price I just only wish that our dead children could have gotten revenge

But we will remember this even after our death I know who’ll be whipping them in hell I’m short of breath, my eyes darken, I see the sky It is blood red, just like this entire planet

This song is impossible to forget, as would be that dark summer

When each verse ended up with everybody being dead

Mass graves of soldiers are covered by dirty frost

You forgot, but the dead have not forgotten

Executioners are stoned, hands are exhausted

You forgot, but the dead have not forgotten

Coal black faces, drops of blood on the uniform

You forgot, but the dead have not forgotten

A few of them are still alive, they have witnessed all of it

And you forgot, but the dead have not forgotten"