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Interview With MC Val

MC Val was recently interviewed by the blog site "The Blood Transfusion." Below is the interview, as well as a link to the original site in which the interview appears.

[Q]What’s the story behind the name MC Val?

[A]There is nothing special in my name. Because my name is Valeria , my friends started calling me Val. The prefix “MC” came when I began writing my first song.

[Q]When did you first come in contact with horror-related rap and how did you get started?

[A]I started in high school, just doing the usual social rap. In 2007 I began enjoying the hardcore style and started working in thats direction, over time my style has transformed itself into horrorcore.

[Q]Who or what influences your music?

[A]My music is mainly influenced by the events that surround me . I look at the world without rose-colored glasses and see the shit around us. Killers, drugs, psychopaths, war and death all around us . Some people tend not to see it, but I can not just close my eyes.

[Q]Apart from your solo rap career, are you involved in any other musical projects?

[A]I try to fully engage in a solo career , but there is one project with JP Tha Hustler. We plan to release an EP in the future, but as of yet there are no recorded songs, only lyrics.

[Q]Is there a big horrorcore scene in the Ukraine?

[A]In the Ukraine, as in Russia, this style is just developing . Even though we have no tours, festivals and other things, this style is developing and gaining popularity. Many performers who used to do mainstream rap are trying to make horrorcore. Maybe in a few years we will see a lot of popularity in this kind of music.

[Q]Do you think that being female in a male-dominated genre is an advantage or an obstacle?

[A] On the one hand it is a great advantage to do a man’s job. I have always been attracted to it . Many people say “Hey, you can outdo many guys! Respect!”. Other people say ” Women do not belong in this music , go to the kitchen , bitch .” I don’t listen, and I advise others to do the same. If I had listened to anyone , there would not be an MC Val.

[Q] What are your thoughts on collaborating with other artists?

[A]I work closely with my bro JP Tha Hustler, Sodoma Gomora (DeSade, Reznik) from the Czech Republic. I plan to record a song with Insane Poetry for my album, also Venom (ex Bloodline), Skalivaga and Naveh from Russia, along with some young artists who I support . [Q]Have you ever considered writing in english or are you sticking with your native tongue? [A]I’m not very good at English , but I would certainly like to try performing a few songs in english as soon as I find a good teacher. You don’t want to hear a song with a terrible accent.

[Q] If you had to pick one of your tracks that best sums up what you’re about, which one would that be?

[A] At the moment, the song “Slivko” about a russian serial killer. The track became fundamental to my new album. Also, the song appeared on the compilation album “Devilz Nite 2011″ and many famous artists have given good feedback.

[Q]What motivates you as a rapper?

[A] What motivates me in the first place is feedback from the listener in the form reviews or compliments. It’s a great hobby. I talk to many different people , I give interviews. The most motivational reviews of my music come from famous rappers who are an authority for me.

[Q]What can we expect to see from Mc Val in the future?

[A]June 22, 2013, I joined the ranks of the label “Grim Reality.” This year I plan to release my first album on the label (GRE). The concept is about a serial killer. Each song is a story about people, abusers and victims. The songs are based on real events. The album includes russian and foreign maniacs. As I said, I will release an EP with Jp Tha Hustler. I plan to participate in the compilations of the GRE and LSP. I will take part in albums by DeSade, Reznik and Sodoma Gomora. Many songs have been written over a long period of time, just waiting for the moment to be released to the public.